Wildlife Poaching on U.S. Federal Lands

A Problem-Solving Guide, Wilderness Problems, Guide No. 1


Problem-oriented policing (POP) is a concept for analyzing specific crime problems, implementing tailored interventions, and evaluating their success. While this process has largely been applied by urban police forces to reduce crime problems such as burglary of single-family houses, robbery at ATMs, and other forms of disorder, the process can be applied widely, including to problems in rural areas. Over the years, the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing has produced a collection of guides that help lead law enforcement agencies through the problem-solving process. This project is the first attempt to produce a guide for wildlife crime, namely poaching on protected federal lands in the United States. By combining the resources and knowledge of traditional POP practice and theory, the guide explores how wildlife protection agencies can restructure their thinking on poaching prevention by adopting a crime specific approach to problem-solving. Keeping with the specificity aspect of POP, this guide does not cover wildlife poaching outside of the United States, the illegal trade in wildlife products, or wildlife poaching on private or state lands. The guide is meant to be a useful tool for anyone working in conservation law enforcement or wildlife conservation.

Center For Problem-Oriented Policing